Bad Form was founded in 2019 to platform Black, Asian, and marginalised writers. In 2016, less than 100 books by British BAME authors were published. There is a huge representation gap in the British publishing industry, and this needs to be fixed. Our quarterly magazine is written, designed, and illustrated by Black, Asian, and marginalised community contributors.

As of June 2020, we will no longer be using the terms POC, BIPOC or BAME, as all not-white peoples do not need to be lumped into one category. It costs us nothing to label people as they are. These terms are only used in white spaces.

What is a literary review?

A snazzy magazine that includes reviews of books, essays, poems, and stories.

Why don't you accept white contributors? That's not fair.

There is a huge range of literary magazines that accept any contributors. This one does not.

Why don't you review books by white people?

There are lots and lots and lots of literary reviews that review mainly white books. We're not one of them.


Our inaugural issue was unthemed, and covered topics from the importance of literary Afropea, to the cultural phenomenon When They See Us. Focusing primarily on BAME identity, it featured interviews with a variety of platforms that seek to support diverse voices, including daikon*, Shado magazine, and ONYX.


Issue 2 is the YOUNG ADULT issue. Dedicated to the books that shaped us, issue 2 explores the Young Adult genre in all its glory. Featuring cover art by Javie Huxley, and writing from a variety of POC young people, this pocket size magazine features books such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, Breathe, The Mortal Engines, Noughts & Crosses, and many, many more.


Issue 3 is the Crime issue. Rather than limiting our content to the popular psychological thriller genre, Bad Form attacks the theme by interogating the genre of crime. Isn't colonialism a crime? What impact has that had on British and international literature? Reviewing everything from My Sister, the Serial Killer, to the UK government's 'anti-knife crime' chicken boxes, this is an issue brimming with important content. So much important content, in fact, that we had to size up the magazine to A5.

10% of every sale will go to The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise committed to the teaching and support of Black history all year round in the UK.

Pre-orders sold out in 7 hours! Buy your copy now:


The ROMANCE issue covers one of our favourite genres ever - it’s all about love! Bad Form explores every nook and cranny of the genre, from reviews of fun new books like Take a Hint, Dani Brown, to discussing whether the British Raj should be used as a setting for a colonial period romance. Whether it’s a new book recommendation you’re after, or if you’re in the mood for some romantic poetry, the ROMANCE issue has you sorted! 


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The print and digital literary review by Black, Asian, and racialised community writers.